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the implementation period of the "CONTRA - Baltic Beach Wrack - Conversion of a Nuisance to a Resource and Asset" project, implemented under the Baltic Sea Interreg program, implemented jointly with 14 full partners and 22 associated partners over the last two years, is coming to an end. With the finalization of the main areas of project objectivities and activities, we would like to share with you the most important effects and encourage further cooperation within the newly established network of BW stakeholders.

Starting from 2019, members of the CONTRA team, including our Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Batyk and local partners from the: City of Puck, the City of Gdynia, the City and Commune of Tolkmicko, Gdask University of Technology and IOPAN, tried to gather the knowledge required to improve the sustainable management of marine waste in the Baltic Sea Region. Through networking activities, pilot investments, creation of education and information materials, we aimed to change the way coastal municipalities and other institutions view and deal with the problem of the beach wrack to help them develop the knowledge required for its sustainable management of coastal areas.

The project also established an international network for knowledge exchange, capacity building, awareness-raising, and the promotion of the use of marine litter, which is waiting for new members.

The end of the project is not the end of the consortium or network activities. We would like to invite all interested parties to join the Stakeholder network, which will function after its completion under the leadership of our partners from Germany from EUCC-D - Coastal Union Germany eV, or EUCC-Germany (which in its daily work promotes integrated coastal zone management and sustainable development coasts and seas in Germany).

The network of which APC ERB is also a member is a voluntary union and participation in it does not involve any costs. It is a stakeholder network of a multi-industry and transnational forum. Its members include, but are not limited to, local government representatives, beach managers, landowners, coastal engineers, landscape historians, national policymakers, nature conservationists, students and scientists, industry representatives, resource managers, private companies, and representatives of the tourism industry. Most of our tasks are based on a variety of thematic interests to trigger a broad and lively discussion - thus creating a unique and dedicated coastal management forum. Joining the Beach Wrack Network is free and without obligation. Members receive an email every year about the activities of the network, and from time to time information about relevant news in the areas of the beach areas!

If you want to be part of the network, please fill out the membership form below (Annex 1) and send it back by e-mail to: beachwrack@eucc-d.de

The project compilations in the form of a toolkit, a comprehensive assessment of all environmental, social and economic aspects of beach waste management at six case study sites, are at your disposal. If you are interested in these materials, please visit the CONTRA project website available at: https://www.beachwrack-contra.eu/publications/

There you will find not only information about the project itself, but also a wide range of tools and useful materials.
Among the number of publications and studies there are, among others:
Effect 4.1a - Framework document | Legal framework for the management of BW
The study is a kind of guide to the legal provisions in force on the date of its preparation (2020). It also contains recommendations, in line with the CONTRA Political Information, and postulates as to how to solve problems related to beach litter on a general level - at the system level and in a more focused manner with regard to specific entities. The document tries to deal, among others, with issues: gaps in national / regional legislation, deficiencies and restrictions preventing the recovery of energy and nutrients, processing beach seaweed and producing it for commercial products. 
  • Legal aspects of beach wrack management
Effect 4.1b - Pill of legal norms | Identification of national, regional and EU regulations in relation to beach wrecks.
This document contains a non-exhaustive list of provisions at EU, national and regional level that regulate the disposal, collection and processing of so-called beach wrecks.
  • Identification of national, regional and EU regulations with respect to beach wrack
Effect 4.2 - Beach Wreck on the beach in a business environment - tips and inspiration for increased use of resources based on innovative management options
The purpose of this report is to provide insights, guidelines and inspiration for all who wish to discover and implement new and innovative ways of creating environmental, social and economic value through developed practices in the field of BW management. This report is divided into three main sections: the first section provides a brief overview of the current state of the practice and industry, then will evolve into a study on drivers of value and change; the second part focuses on the CONTRA case studies and management options that have been explored, with an introduction followed by a comparison of options based mainly on environmental and economic perspectives; the third part deals with the guidance and implementation perspective in which suggested business models are presented.
  • Beach wrack in a business environment - Guidance and inspiration towards increased resource utilization based on innovative treatment options
Effect 5.2 - Policy review | Towards sustainable solutions for the use and recycling of beach waste
This short description recommends rules for marine litter that has already been removed from managed beaches. The CONTRA project recommends that on natural undeveloped beaches, beach debris should remain substantially intact unless it poses a risk to the environment or health.
  • Policy Brief | Towards sustainable solutions for beach wrack use and recycling
Effect 5.3 - Toolkit | Batycka Kidzina Morska - challenges for sustainable use and management
The "Toolkit" covering practical aspects of managing waste on the beach provides guidance to local and regional decision makers. It serves both as a benchmark and decision-making aid to help practitioners turn current beach wreck management patterns into more sustainable solutions. 
  • Baltic beach wrack - challenges for sustainable use and management - toolkit
On the project website you will also find a dedicated tab entitled. Market Place - Sustainable solutions for the use and management of beach litter - enabling familiarization with similar initiatives in the area of ​​the entire Baltic Sea and contact with specialized organizations operating in the area of ​​management of coastal areas and marine fauna and flora.
We invite you to read and use the presented materials with all potentially interested persons/entities
If you have any questions, please contact our consultants: zuchowski@eurobalt.org.pl
Attached: ANNEX 1 - Beach Wrack Network Membership Form
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